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Owing to selective acquisitions, the SF Sustainable Property Fund has increased its market value to more than one billion Swiss francs.

This remarkable milestone was reached in the first half of 2019 through the purchase of ten attractive properties with a total market value of CHF 75.7 million. As of 19 June 2019, the portfolio's market value is CHF 1,002.8 million compared to CHF 927.1 million at the end of 2018. This increases the target rental by another CHF 3.0 million. The properties all have very attractive macro and micro locations and are in very good condition. The average gross return of 4.17% on all acquisitions underlines the good locational quality. Of these ten purchases, six properties already meet the GEAK C standard. The successful conclusion of the district plan procedure in Lausen and the issue of a legal building permit also made it possible to acquire a plot of building land. As a new building will be erected, this property will meet the GEAK B standard. The other good news is that the fund management successfully completed two consolidation projects with the purchases of the Lausen Hofmattstrasse and Basel Luzernerring properties.

Einstimmige Annahme aller Anträge des Stiftungsrates an der ersten ordentlichen Anlegerversammlung

  • Alle drei Anlagegruppen der SFP Anlagestiftung verzeichnen eine ausgezeichnete Entwicklung in den Jahren 2017/2018.
  • Die Anlagestiftung hat ihre Assets under Management auf CHF 261.3 Mio. gesteigert.
  • Der Stiftungsrat mit den Herren Adrian Schenker, Alexander Vögele und Torsten de Santos wurde einstimmig wiedergewählt und die Décharge wurde erteilt.