Asset Management of Direct Property Investments

As a centre of expertise for real estate, the SFP Group offers a wide range of products and. Our experience in managing direct real estate investments is reflected both in our own investment vehicles and in our mandates to manage external real estate portfolios.

Real estate is considered to be stable in value and to provide a reliable yield. These features make real estate a very popular investment product for institutional investors.

The SFP Group manages more than 400 residential, office, commercial and retail properties. The assets under management are around CHF 4.0 billion (out of a total of CHF 6.1 billion). We focus on real estate with value-add potential.

As one of the biggest independent real estate asset managers in Switzerland, the SFP Group boasts an excellent network and multidisciplinary know-how. The activities of SFP Group’s direct property team  include asset and portfolio management, acquisitions, conversions and refurbishments as well as redevelopment and development.

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Thomas Marti
Thomas Marti
Head Direct Real Estate Funds
+41 43 344 61 37
Christoph Vetter
Christoph Vetter
Head of Direct Mandates SFP Group
+41 43 344 62 55